We are excited to announce a new project at SectionZ called Fresh.


This curated release collects the best and taste-making sounds we have heard over the last month from up and coming artists from all over the world. We chose this music because we believe they represent change in the face of formulaic EDM, some because of style, others because of attitude, but in the end they all represent the three pillars of what we look for in musicians:

  • Musicality – Artists that go beyond, WAY BEYOND the presets and create magical aural sculptures. They consider chord progressions before their own personal hygiene, and can bang out melodies with their armpits. They sing, they dance, but most importantly they play, music.
  • Technicality – Artists that have played with every knob, every button, every input so that they know exactly what their output will be. They know their tools better than they know their family and are not afraid to use them in ways they simply are not designed for. When it comes to genere they are writing their own rules in an alien yet strangely familiar language.
  • Creativity – Artists who are not afraid of a country music vs. salsa mash-up where wubs meet delicate violin plucks. Who not only reject the status quo, but ignore it all together. They innovate without even trying and set the groundwork for the trends to come.

We hope you enjoy the musical stylings of Virtual Riot, Tushar, The Ground Above, SIKIS, Hades of Spades, Alexandre, Besu, Gabe Flaherty, Tyler Crichton, Alex Curly & Marq Markuz, Midimachine and DivideUp.

The collection drops July 30th!

We will be putting together a podcast over the next week or so to talk about the music we are presenting and give you some more insights on the artists as well. Stay tuned for that.

If you want to be a part of SZ Fresh, just continue submitting demos as this will become a monthly affair.


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